Where to Place an Air Purifier for Maximum Efficiency When Smoking

Smoking can be a major source of air pollution in the home, office, or bedroom. To reduce the spread of contaminants and ensure maximum efficiency, it is important to place an air purifier close to the source of pollution. Smaller units are best suited for office desks, while larger units can be placed on window sills or nightstands. When it comes to COVID-19, air circulation is a key safety measure.

To reduce potential vectors of infection, it is important to get the air to move and filter. For a 10 x 15 room, it is recommended to install the air purifier near or under a window. For dust in a bedroom that is approximately 15 feet x 12 feet, the best air purifiers are those with HEPA filters. In an open space of 900 square feet and 14 feet, it makes sense to place the air purifier near the windows where most of the air on the busy street flows through.

In a two-story house, it is best to place the air purifier on the first floor. For a Pore Enrichment Pure Zone Elite 4-in-1 Hepa purifier, it should be placed on the floor near a window or door with the entrance hole facing the center of the room. For Coway AP-1512HH units, they should be lifted 3 to 5 feet for optimal performance. For Honeywell purifiers, they should not be placed on light-colored rugs.

And for Blueair air purifiers, they should be moved to the bedroom an hour before bedtime for maximum efficiency. When using an air purifier, it is important to make sure that all windows and doors are closed so that it does not try to extract air from outside. It is also not recommended to place an air purifier near electronic devices. To ensure maximum efficiency when smoking, it is essential to place an air purifier close to the source of pollution and follow all manufacturer instructions for optimal performance.

By doing so, you can reduce contaminants in your home and protect yourself from potential vectors of infection.

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